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Manitowoc Truck Crane

Manitowoc Truck Crane

The heritage of Manitowoc Cranes dates to 1925, when the company built its first lattice boom crawler cranes at its facility in Manitowoc, Wis., USA. Since that time, the very name ‘Manitowoc’ has come to symbolize crawler cranes, and the company’s trademark red machines can be found in every corner of the globe. Manitowoc has become the industry leader in innovation, sales, performance and support.

Outstanding build quality and excellent reliability means that Manitowoc Cranes units boast some of the strongest residual values in the international construction equipment market. Cranes with 30, or even 40, years of service can still be found at work and the company’s powerful reputation, innovative modular design systems and exceptional support make them extremely popular with fleet owners. It would require a long, hard search to find a ‘lone’ Manitowoc in a fleet. In fact, the largest single number of crawler cranes and attachments from one manufacturer found in a single fleet are all Manitowocs. That fact speaks volumes.

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